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ARCHITEC is a special forum for architects during Knauf Werktage on the named event days.

Regardless of this, Werktage as a practical specialist trade fair generally provides a whole range of information on dry construction, lightweight construction, wooden construction, steel lightweight construction and system solutions for fire safety, steel protection, acoustics, facades, digitalisation and much more.

Use Knauf Werktage for discussion with specialists, planners, implementers and the industry.


  •  Stuttgart, Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle


    Key-Note Speaker: Wolfram Putz, founder and CEO of Graft Architects based in Berlin, Los Angeles and Peking.

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  • Düsseldorf, Alte Schmiedehalle


    Key-Note Speaker: Stefan Behnisch, Founding Partner of Behnisch architects based in Stuttgart, Munich and Boston.

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  • Hannover, Messe


    Key-Note Speaker: Philipp Auer, Managing Director of Auer Weber Architects based in Munich and Stuttgart.

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Thomas Willemeit

Wolfram Putz - Graft Architects, Berlin

Past event: Stuttgart - Wednesday, 30.01.2019

“Home and identity, departure and experiment are what will characterise architecture and urban planning in future.”

Using project examples, Mr Putz demonstrated and clarified to what extent new mobility solutions and the progressive digitalisation of architecture and urban planning influence the future.

Stefan Behnisch

Stefan Behnisch - Behnisch Architects, Stuttgart

Past event: Dusseldorf - Wednesday, 06.02.2019

“Striving for innovation in architecture, the forces that conflict with this and why this fight is necessary.”

The creation of architecture, the realisation of our built environment is quite a slow process. Initially only mastered by conservative forces, especially in the execution, the percentage of innovations, new ideas or even just moments of reflection that allow our social circumstances is quite small. New planning methods, striving for increasing security, the obligation to decide everything early and preferably straight away, reduce the planning part which allows a contemplative and balanced design. This way, hardly any innovation can emerge. How can you control internal processes, so that the best possible - innovation - something new can emerge, which has new content and is not only new in shape and pictorially. It does not serve us well to restrict innovation to symbolism, and continue to struggle with traditional methods, rather than execute it simply with the seemingly new. Mr Behnisch gave a realistic and constructive statement about this.

Philipp Auer

Philipp Auer - AUER WEBER, Munich

Past event: Hanover - Wednesday, 20.02.2019

“Trying comes before copying - from prototypes, test balloons and surprises"

The facade is the “skin of houses”, address and first contact point with the building. Philipp Auer, Managing Director of Auer Weber, gave an insight into the daily development work of his office, from competition to execution. Successes and failures, prize-winning and never built stand side by side.